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Born in 1962, so not young but certainly not old! I’m healthy, fit and slim and have no health issues I had horses from the age of 10 so have always been active, enjoying the outside life and exercise. I have exercised for years but really got into fitness training/the gym etc about 6 years ago. I got addicted to circuit training and totally loved it!

I then decided to get my level 3 personal training qualification, which included nutrition. Mainly for my own knowledge at that time but as time has gone on I want to help others get fit and healthy.

I did have a period in my life when I moved in with a partner and we enjoyed life too much and I put on a few pounds! Once I noticed I put myself on a diet and did some exercise. I feel so much better these days.  To this day I work out 5-6 times pw whether this is in my gym, out for a bike ride or running. I like to mix it up.

During lockdown I have worked out with my bubble buddy to help her lose some unwanted pounds. Running and circuit/weight training, she is doing brilliantly and is very pleased with her results. I can do this for you too


Fitness Buddies means just that, I will be your buddy to get you going, keep you motivated and help you meet your goals

Buddying up with you cycling/running/walking – want to get motivated? Want to start exercise? Working out with a buddy will help you here

I am happy to take on anyone at any level of fitness and any age. I would like to help those who maybe don’t like the idea of a gym and being on display amongst all those fitties! I can help with health, fitness and food programmes.

1-2-1 personal training – just you and me working to meet your goals

1-2 or 2-3 personal training – bring along your friend, cheaper rate and whilst I cant give you 1-2-1 attention it won’t be far off!

Group circuit sessions – inside or out depending on weather/time of year and number of people (restricted numbers to ensure space for us all of course)

I also offer an hourly rate rental of my gym so you can come along and work out on your own or with a friend


I have a large garden so I’m able to hold a group circuit session which allows us all to workout at a safe distance and in the fresh air.

My gym is an 8 x 4 metre summerhouse in the garden, with window and doors to allow the fresh air in. I limit the numbers in there to allow us all some space.

What does my gym have?

Treadmill, rowing machine, bench, aerobic box step, barbells, dumbbells, chin up bar, lat pull down cable with various attachments, resistance bands, skipping rope, kettle bells, bosu ball, gym ball, punch bag, ab roller, TRX

PRICES (per person per hour)

£15 – 1-2-1 Personal training

£10 - Group personal training

£5 – Group circuit class

£8 – Walking/running/cycling

£6 – Gym ‘pay as you go’

First PT session is free, to include fitness testing and discuss your goals

Heather Ventham

Fitness Buddies